Written Especially For Children

with Dyslexia

A Learning Difference




We are in very special company with the likes of

Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Cher, Henry Winkler

and Whoopi Goldberg.


The following is written especially for children with Dyslexia

Delayed action in getting what you are thinking down on paper.

Yearning to be the same as everyone else.

Salvation at being identified as being Dyslexic and knowing it is not your fault.

Learning to be happy with who you are.

Endeavour to get the help; you need to excel at anything you want to do.

When you are older, learning to use a computer.

Inventing different ways to cope and remember

With all your schoolwork.

Congratulating yourself and know you are as good

as everyone else

It just sometimes takes longer to get it right.


Marian Quinlan Curtin



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