What Is Dyslexia


Dyslexia is a difference in which the brain works.

There are many types of dyslexia it is very hard to say how many different types.


From research it is almost known that there are 30 different types.


Many adults will have dyslexia, but it may be so mild that they will never find out.


More and more is being found out every day about all types of learning skills


The word Dyslexia was first coined as far back as 1887. It was said by Rudolf Berlin from Germany.


At that time Dyslexia was coined because of a person's inability to read.


People with dyslexia are all to various degrees different, no two people with a learning difference will be the same


Dyslexia effects all people with it in different ways, some may have difficulty with maths some with spelling some with all.


As I said before no two people are the same.


Each person with a learning difference will have a different way of coping.


Adults are very hard to identify because they have learned to hide there problem and some will never know they have a difficulty.

Dyslexia is a person's ability to think three things at once so therefore they have to learn to shut it off


To explain it a bit more if a tutor is talking in college a person with a learning difference (dyslexia) does not have the ability to take down notes and watch what the tutor is doing and listen at the same time.


Some people with dyslexia are only effected this way, as I said before no two people are the same.

Every person will find what is best for him or her to reach his or her goal in life.


People with a learning difference are not stupid,

It is not caused by any medical condition from findings it is known that it is genetic and you are born with it.



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