The Following is an account from a sixteen year old Female Student who is Dyslexic.


I first found out I was Dyslexic when I was in 5th class Primary School, up until then I found school and life very hard. Having people think that you are stupid isn't much fun.


The kids would come up to you and start calling me names and saying that I was stupid and slow. Many a time I cried myself to sleep, All the Teachers were good apart from one, my third and fourth class Teacher I used to hate going into her class so much that I got sick everyday.


She used to yell at me when I was reading because I got messed up or when I got a spelling wrong, she would say you can't learn them. She made me feel worthless and instead of helping me when I needed help, she stuck me at the back of the class to sort it out myself.


I was always a shy and quiet child but the Teacher and the other children made me feel like I was a tortoise living in a shell.


When I stayed back in 5th class. I got rid of all the bad people in my life and began to feel more comfortable with the new friends in my life.


Going to the A. C. L.D. changed me, it was a great help to open me up I feel comfortable with who I am but the nearest A.C. L. D. was thirty miles away so me and my mum found it hard to get there sometimes as my mum does not drive.


The help I received when I went into Secondary School is good it is a small class so one gets the help they need if one is stuck at maths or Irish etc.

Sometimes when I am studying I get blurred vision and very bad headaches

When I found out I was dyslexic it changed me for the better, I found I have an opinion and I can use it. I also found out who I really am.

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