The way I see The Page


Persons with Dyslexia see some very strange things, when we read from A4 pages with black writing and a white background.

Some of us see a big x like this X in the background of the page, some of us see our print shifting from side to side or up and down, some of us see a lot of big black squiggles all around the outline of the page,

Some of us see stars; some of us see the letters move like a time warp that you see on TV. I will try and explain it is like a tunnel going backwards and forwards the letters seem to be fading in and out.


Some of us see the writing twice like double vision. Some of us will spell the letter right in our heads but put it down on the paper wrong, but will not see the difference.

A lot of people with the learning difference dyslexia will enjoy reading but we will not grasp the gist of the tale or plot of the book we are reading, some of us have a very short memory span and will lose our way in a book or story easy that is why we suffer a lot with fatigue and our eyes tire easily.

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