This web site is for persons with dyslexia in the North and South Tipperary Region who are dyslexic.


The aim of the website is to hear from children and young adults who are dyslexic.


· I want to hear your own personal experience about their learning difference.

· What it is like for you before they were diagnosed Dyslexic

· How you feel about it.

· Do you think there is enough help available?

· What extra do you see on a page when they are reading?

· How do you find spelling, maths and music?

· What subjects or things in everyday living do you find hard.

· How do you feel about remedial help in school?

· Do your peers because of doing remedial help, bully you?

· Do you attend a Dyslexia Assotation Branch?

· Do you know you are dyslexic?

· Do you know there are many different types of dyslexia?

If anyone wants to contact me you can do so I don't require your name just your age and whether you are Male or female and you can write your story.

Yours sincerelly


Marian Quinlan Curtin

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