My thinking behind this web Site is to give parents and children a voice. Here in Ireland it is so hard to get help of any kind that parents end up pulling their hair out.


It is hard enough for a person that has Dyslexia and the added pressure of being singled out, whether it is in school or in daily living makes that person's life much harder.


No one understands how a person with Dyslexic feels but other Dyslexics. The sad part is there is nothing wrong with us Dyslexics, we merely need a different way of learning, we have a learning difference and we have to try and educate the public in this.


I am still hearing from parents of young adults as to how they were never picked up in Primary or Secondary school, in the year 2002 that is wrong, if a child is not identified as having a special learning difference, it can cause undue damage in behaviour and the child's self esteem will take a big battering.


This is my thinking behind my web page. Letting the public know how a child or adult feels that have dyslexia and what it is like for parents, I am trying to brake down barriers and hopefully educate the general public more.


Eight members of my family have the special learning difference called: Dyslexia and none of us are the same we got this special family gene and this makes us unique and with the right teaching we can achieve anything we want to.


I am proud of being dyslexic because it makes me who I am, I am very proud of all the things I have achieved in my life so far, that's not saying that there are days when I tell myself I am stupid when I keep doing the same things wrong.


I am back in college since the year 2000 and enjoying the experience, that not to say that I don't get frustrated and annoyed some days I do.


I don't think I would be human if I didn't but with a little help from my family and my classmates I cope.

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