Mention exams and my mind

goes as blank as a plank.

I read it and read it

but my mind still does not understand.

When I look at the paper

I panic,

Especially when I have to write,

Because I don't even understand

what I write.

Hand's on I;m fine

But when it has to be written,

Inside, I am dying.



My ability to learn is impeded

because I have not got the ability to file things I study in my head .

It is very flusrating when a person knows they have put in the study time,

and when the exam paper arrives.

The puzzled brain has not got the ability to write down the answers.

Answers will be written down, but I will keep asking myself.

Did i get the right answer or was it the wrong.

I never know how i did in an exam situation

because if asked what was the first question,

I will have forgotten.


Marian Quinlan Curtin

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