My mind is like a jigsaw
Processing all sorts of information
Breakdown in transmission
Causes my thoughts
To fly around
Like a beautiful butterfly
On a summer's day
Breaking up ones thoughts
Like pieces of paper
Trying hard to put them back together
Like a jigsaw
Think of eight lanes of traffic
Travelling fast
In opposite directions
My mind is like a highway
Trying very hard
To take in
What it reads,
Sees and hears
My filing system has broken down
My mind finds it hard to learn
In the conventional way
Memory lasts only three minutes
If I am interested
If I am not interested
My mind goes into a dream world
In my mind I can build space ships
Or make a kite
But I cannot transmit my plan to paper
What causes my mind to act like this?
A complex thought process
That is still not fully known
Carried through family genes
From generation
To generation
A special learning skill
That I'm proud of
Because it makes me who I am
It is Dyslexia.


Poem written by:

Marian Quinlan Curtin

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